We collaborate closely with leaders in the construction and fenestration sectors to supply innovative plastic components that add tangible, functional value to their essential products. In designing and manufacturing a range of specialist additions for a range of applications, including cladding systems, balconies and standard and bespoke windows and doors, we understand the critical nature of these components in the overall structure and functionality of buildings.

That’s why we’re able to employ precision injection moulding and cutting-edge design to create durable, high-quality parts that enhance both the aesthetic and practical aspects of construction and fenestration products. 

Whether it’s ensuring weather-resistant seals, end caps and elements for windows and doors, end caps for asethtics and installer safety or contributing to the thermal efficiency and safety of cladding and balcony systems, UB Plastics is at the forefront of introducing advancements that redefine reliability and performance in the built environment.